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Pronounced soon-des-mohs, Sundesmos is our Young Adult and Urban Ministry. We recognize that this can sound strange partnering these ministries together, but currently this is how we are able to be involved in both ministries at once. We want to connect with those that are in times of transition or are having difficulty with life situations, many of whom are Young Adults. As for Urban ministry, we have meetings in Indianapolis and Chicago that we work alongside to give back to the community and provide resources and information for those that need it. This also provides opportunities for those that are able to give back themselves.

We are always looking for opportunities to partner with and support Young Adults and those working in Urban settings. Our scope of partnerships and support-giving falls under a broad umbrella, and we are always willing to hear you out and discuss ideas for the future of Christ-like ministry!

Internship Program

WYM provides several paid internship positions that employ Young Adults in a variety of capacities:

  • Weekly to Summer to Yearlong commitments

  • Program Staff at Quaker Haven Camp to College Campus ministry to Media Production

  • Partnering with local Meetings/Churches to Assisting in the development of planning and programming for several large events throughout the calendar year

  • Providing meaningful and life-changing opportunities for young people

  • Much, much more!!!


2019 Internship Information

Interested in becoming...
A Summer Intern?
A Year-Long Intern?
A Video Intern?

To get an idea of what our summer will look like, here's our Summer Calendar.

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