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If you click on the white box in the upper left corner of the map, you can pick and choose which areas you want to see on the map.

Northwest Area (Magenta)

+ Downers Grove Friends Church

Address: 5710 Lomand Avenue Downers Grove, IL 60516

Phone: (630) 968-3861

Email: dgquakers@gmail.com

Website: www.dgquakers.org

Contact Person: Marcia Nelson (Presiding Clerk)

  • Phone: (630) 968-3861
  • Email: marciaznelson@gmail.com

alt text

+ 57th Street Friends Church

Address: 5615 S. Woodlawn Avenue Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: (773) 288-3066

Email: meeting@57thstreetmeeting.org

Website: www.57thstreetmeeting.org

Contact Person: William (Wil) Brant (Meeting Secretary)

  • Phone: (773) 577-0679

alt text

Northern Area (Yellow)

+ Farmers Institute Friends Church

Address: 4626 W. County Road 660 S. Lafayette, IN 47902

Find Farmers Institute on Facebook

Contact Person: Karen Mills (Presiding Clerk)

Farmers Institute

+ Hazel Dell Friends Church

Address: 4017 E. 300 N. Windfall, IN 46076

Contact Person: Dave Freelan (Pastor)

Hazel Dell

+ Kokomo First Friends Church

Address: 1801 W. Zartman Road Kokomo, IN 46902

Find Kokomo First Friends on Facebook

Phone: (765) 453-9490

Email: first.friends@sbcglobal.net

Website: www.kokomofirstfriends.org

Contact Persons: Jonathan Newton (Pastor)

Merrell Kenworthy (Presiding Clerk)


+ New London Friends Church

Address: 2104 S. 766 West Russiaville, IN 46979

Phone: (765) 883-5352

Contact Persons: Jason Grant (Pastor)

Mail Address: Rachel Hedges

  • 2209 Anjou Ct. Kokomo, IN 46902


+ New Salem Friends

Address: 800 E & 180 S Greentown, IN 46936

Phone: (765) 628-7389

Contact Persons: Wayne Bogue (Pastor)

Nancy Custer (Recording Clerk, Treasurer)


+ Russiaville Friends Church

Address: 270 E. Main St. Russiaville, IN 46979

Phone: (765) 883-7399

Find Russiaville Friends on Facebook

Mail Address: PO Box 176 Russiaville, IN 46979

Contact Person: James (Jamie) Lyon


+ Shiloh Friends Church

Address: 12987 N. 500 W. Alexandria, IN 46001

Contact Person: Gary Simmons (Pastor)


+ West Middleton Friends Church

Address: 4766 W. 250 S. West Middleton, IN 46995

Contact Persons: Jason Grant (Pastor)

Mail Address: James Parsons

  • 7227 E. 200 S. Greentown, IN 46936


North Central Area (Red)

+ Carmel Friends Church

Address: 651 W. Main St. Carmel, IN 46032

Phone: (317) 846-5090

Email: carmelfriends@aol.com

Website: http://www.carmelfriends.org/

Contact Person: Keith Glasgow (Pastor)


+ Gray Friends Church

Address: 4810 E 146th St Noblesville, IN 46062 (NW Corner of Gray Rd & 146th St, Noblesville, IN)

Contact Persons: David Webster (Pastor)

Tana Crampton (Presiding Clerk)


+ Noblesville First Friends Church

Address: 1055 Division St. Noblesville, IN 46060

Phone: (317) 773-3686

Website: http://noblesvillefriends.org

Mail Address: PO Box 375 Noblesville, IN 46061

Contact Persons: Katherine Murray (Pastor)

Sherry Johnson (Presiding Clerk)


Western Area (Light Blue)

+ Bloomingdale Friends Church

Address: 64 W Academy St. Bloomingdale, IN 47832

Find Bloomingdale Friends on Facebook

Email: friends@bloomingdaletel.com

Mail Address: PO Box 186 Bloomingdale, IN 47832

Contact Person: Sarabeth Marcinko (Presiding Clerk)


+ Coloma Friends Church

Address: 1511 N. Midway Rd. Rockville, IN 47872

Contact Persons: William Flanigan (Pastor)

Milton Hobson (Presiding Clerk)


+ Hopewell Friends Church

Address: 258 S. 300 W. Dana, IN 47847

Contact Persons: Susann Estle-Cronau (Pastor)

Matthew Ellis (Presiding Clerk)


+ Marshall Federated Friends Church

Address: 105 N. Main St. Marshall, IN 47859

Phone: (765) 597-2497

Contact Person: Brian Holt (Pastor)


+ Newport Friends Church

Address: 210 S George St. Newport, IN 47966

Mail Address: PO Box 325 Newport, IN 47966

Contact Persons: Paul & Ramona Trover (Pastors)


+ Tangier Friends Church

Address: 4020 W. 1050 N. Tangier, IN 47952

Contact Person: Bruce Brown (Presiding Clerk)


West Central Area (Blue)

+ Fairfield Friends Church

Address: 10441 E. Co. Rd. 700 S. Camby, IN 46113

Find Fairfield Friends on Facebook

Phone: (317) 856-3121

Website: http://fairfieldfriends.org

Mail Address: PO Box 45, Camby, IN 46113

Contact Person: Phil Gulley (Pastor)


+ Hadley Friends Church

Address: 2100 S. Co. Rd. 450 W. Coatesville, IN 46121

Find Hadley Friends on Facebook

Contact Persons: Chris Wynn (Pastor)

Janet Stephenson (Presiding Clerk)


+ Mooresville Friends Church

Address: 50 N. Monroe St. Mooresville, IN 46158

Find Mooresville Friends on Facebook

Email: mooresvillefriends@att.net

Website: http://www.mooresvillefriends.net

Contact Persons:

Gary Jones (Pastor) OR Susan Joyner (Presiding Clerk)

  • Call (317) 831-2800 and leave a message, including whether it is for the pastor or the clerk.


+ Plainfield Friends Church

Address: 105 S. East St. Plainfield, IN 46168

Find Plainfield Friends on Facebook

Phone: (317) 839-6490

Email: pmminwym@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.plainfieldfriends.org

Contact Person: Bill Clendineng (Pastor)


+ West Union Friends Church

Address: 2038 W. State Road 42 Monrovia, IN 46157

Phone: (317) 996-3543

Contact Person: Joseph Cassady (Pastor)

David Allen (Acting Clerk)

  • Mail Address: 11713 N West Union Church Rd, Mooresville, IN 46158
  • Phone: (317) 996-2883


Central Area (Green)

+ Indianapolis First Friends Church

Address: 3030 E. Kessler Blvd, E. Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46220

Find Indianapolis First Friends on Facebook

Phone: (317) 255-2485

Email: office@indyfriends.org

Website: www.indyfriends.org

Contact Person: Bob Henry (Pastor)


+ Second Friends Church

Address: 1260 Lee St. Indianapolis, IN 46225

Contact Person: Phyllis Paulsen (Recording Clerk)


+ Valley Mills Friends

Address: 6739 W. Thompson Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46241

Find Valley Mills Friends on Facebook

Phone: (317) 856-4368

Website: www.vmfriends.org

Contact Person: Christina Morrison


+ West Newton Friends Church

Address: 6800 S. Mooresville Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46221

Phone: (317) 856-5967

Website: West-Newton-Friends-Meeting

Contact Persons: Sylvia Graves (Presiding Clerk)

Lynn Mills (CM&E Clerk)


Southern Area (Purple)

+ Beech Grove Friends Church

Address: Co. R. 125 W. & Beech Grove Rd. Paoli, IN 47454

Contact Person: Darrel Benham (Pastor)

Jack Lindley (Presiding Clerk)

  • Mail Address: 2804 W. Co. Rd. 650 S. Paoli, IN 47454


+ Blue River Friends Church

Address: 1931 N Quaker Rd, Salem, IN 47167

Contact Persons: Jeff Wells (Pastor)

Stephen Trueblood (Clerk)

  • Mailing Address: 3385 N. Trueblood Lane, Salem, IN 47167


+ Evansville Friends Church

Address: Patchwork Central 100 Washington Avenue Evansville, IN 47713

Contact Person: Ann Farrar (Presiding Clerk)

+ Friends of Jesus Fellowship Church (Newberry Friends)

Address: 2153 W. US Highway 150 Paoli, IN 47454

Contact persons: Chris Lindley (Pastor)


+ Lick Creek Friends Church

Address: US Hwy 150 E. & Co. Rd. 150 S. Paoli, IN 47454

Contact Persons: Paul Precelius (Pastor)

Eva Hawkins


+ Paoli Friends Church

Address: 301 N. Gospel St. Paoli, IN 47454

Phone: (812) 837-4209

Contact Person: Mark Tope (Pastor)


+ Sandcreek-Azalia Friends Church

Address: 13275 S. 350 E. Elizabethtown, IN 47232

Phone: (812) 579-6858

Website: Sandcreek-Azalia Friends Meeting

Contact Persons: Peggy Caldwell (Pastor)

Steve Harper (Presiding Clerk)


All photography provided by WYM and its affiliates.