A need that has come out in WYM is for curriculum to be developed as a resource for youth workers. One way we are trying to meet this need is to tie the Youth Ministry events (Winter Sneak, Summer Camp, Fall Impact, Lock-Ins, etc.) under one theme. We also decided this would be a great opportunity to bridge the gaps between the larger events by providing monthly lessons on that theme. Periodically, you will see downloadable lessons, along with video teachings, posted here. We look prayerfully forward as we see how this tool might impact Youth Ministry in WYM!

The theme for 2017 is 'Rewire' from Psalm 51:10-12.


January 2016 - God's Glory and Worship

March 2016 - Full Truth

May 2016 - Prepare for CAMP!!!

September 2016 - Dwelling Among Us

November 2016 - One and Only Son...                                                     Who is Jesus Christ?

  • Lesson - Coming in November!
  • Video - Coming in November!

February 2016 - Full Grace

April 2016 - Full Grace and Truth

June, July, and August 2016
Took place at QHC, thus no videos or lessons for these months.

October 2016 - Service that...
                         'Comes from the Father'

  • Lesson - Coming in October!
  • Video - Coming in October!

December 2016 - Came from the Father...
                             Who is God the Father?

  • Lesson - Coming in December!
  • Video - Coming in December!