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WYM encourages, supports, and equips meetings and individuals to grow and share their faith in Jesus Christ as we seek the will of God through Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, expressed in Quaker tradition.


+ What We Believe

  • An individual's salvation and higher life are personal matters between the individual soul and God.
  • Salvation is deliverance from sin, which comes through a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, who, through his love and sacrifice, draws us to Him.
  • The Holy Spirit is an ever fresh and unfailing source of spiritual truth for the proper guidances of life and practice.
  • The Holy Scriptures were given by inspiration of God and are the divinely authorized record of Christian doctrines.
  • The whole spiritual life grows out of the soul's relation to God and its co-operation with Him, not from any outward or traditional practices.
  • The Friends labor for the alleviation of human suffering; for the intellectual, moral, and spiritual elevation of mankind; and for purified and exalted citizenship.
  • The Friends believe war to be incompatible with Christianity, and seek to promote peaceful methods for the settlement of all the differences between nations and between persons.
  • The underlying principle of life and action for the individuals, and also for society, is transformation through the power of God and implicit obedience to His revealed will.
  • For more on our beliefs and our Faith and Practice, click here.

All photography provided by WYM and its affiliates.