WYM cares for youth, plain and simple.

We want them to experience and understand this world from the perspective that there is more to life than happiness and achievements. This world is meant for more than Friday nights and Sunday mornings, and we attempt to convey that in a personal way. Christ wants every person, young and old, to hear and respond to the Gospel and we want to make that known amidst the noise and distractions thrown at our young people every day. A few ways to get to know us and get involved are below.

Sign up for Summer Camp 2019 now!!!

Sign up for Summer Camp 2019 now!!!


Looking for a youth group or church near you? Check out our Meeting/Church Directory to see if we are nearby!

Hazel Dell Friends, Windfall, IN

Hazel Dell Friends, Windfall, IN

Russiaville Friends, Russiaville, IN
(near Kokomo)


WYM plans and programs events for youth throughout the calendar year. To complement the passion we have for such events, we teamed with Indiana Yearly Meeting and Quaker Haven Camp to build a separate website for these events and more! The youth events WYM produces can be found on our QHC Programming page!



Youth Cabinet is a group of High School students from across the state who express leadership qualities in their church or community. One weekend per month, starting in September, these High Schoolers meet up to talk about their lives, encourage one another, and develop events or programming for youth groups within WYM. They then implement these events at various churches in the Spring. The programmed activities range from service projects to Sunday morning worship services to simply spending time with youth at a local church. If interested or want to know more, contact Matt Klausmeier at cedirector@mattklausmeier.com or (317) 801-0450 OR contact your local meeting and ask about being nominated.

If you are a Sophomore-Senior in High School, check this out! There is an online resource called "Blueprint" that provides information on every Christian college in the nation, and you can use it to filter down to exactly what you are looking for in a college! If you want to major in a certain subject, you can use this online filtering system to sort through what opportunities and clubs those colleges offer alongside your major area of interest. Blueprint also has other information about what you need to know about financial aid and what to expect from college itself. Check out their site, by clicking on the image above!

Youth Ministry Resources and Connections available on the Youth Specialties Directory. Click the image to see where you can get connected NOW!

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